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It’s become more and more common for the headlines to announce another corporation has suffered a security breach. From credit reporting bureaus to the federal government, no one seems to be safe from a security intrusion that leaves the company and its resources vulnerable. In 2019, Toyota, Walmart, and Dunkin’ Donuts all faced data breaches that placed customer records and email accounts at risk.

IT security is constantly evolving to recognize and shut down new threats. However, with so much traffic running through a system, it’s hard to recognize the threats from the normal events in real-time. Many times, a company’s IT security doesn’t see the threat until it’s already established in the system, and the damage is done. Veezo is ready to change the game for your company’s protection.

Cloud-Based IT Security to Protect Your Business

Each and every day, thousands of events stream through your company’s network. Most of these events are typical, business-related activities. However, with the enormous number of events, it’s easier than ever to camouflage or sneaks security breaches through the network mixed in with the daily monotony. Your IT security might not realize there’s an issue until after the breach occurs, leaving your data and customer records at risk.

In some cases, the security tools that your business employees create additional events, making it harder to uncover hidden threats and exploits. The sheer number and complexity of events make it challenging for IT security to locate and shut down threats before it does harm. 

When you utilize Veezo to protect your company, all of the events upload to the cloud for immediate review. Don’t worry! This upload has a minimal effect on your available bandwidth, so you don’t notice a difference when using the internet. Once connected with the cloud, these events receive an immediate review to identify any possible threats to your system. 

Your new virtual security officer is capable of reviewing the thousands of events in a flash. This makes it easier to identify and neutralize threats before it can do damage to your system and network. Time is one of the biggest benefits that Veezo offers to your company. 

A Collaborative Solution to a Common Problem

Using security information and event management (SIEM), Veezo weeds through thousands of events and logs. It collects these logs and detects any security risk. Your new virtual security officer takes immediate action when it recognizes and isolates a threat. The millions of logs and events that run through your system make it almost impossible that a small or medium-sized business could find any and all dishonest events.

When you upload your events to Veezo in the cloud, you have the option to activate the global preventive security mode. You can run it in the monitor, medium, strict, and other levels of coverage modes to detect events hiding a deceptive purpose. You can enact the global preventive security mode at any time. 

It seems unlikely that a new, first-time threat will turn up on your system. With Veezo, your virtual security officer uses the knowledge it’s acquired from all the other systems to help protect yours. 

For example, Acme Bubblegum has a new threat to its system. SIEM logs this threat and begins to look for signs that the same threat might attack your system. This collaborative effort makes your system and events even more secure, and it improves your overall IT security.

IT Security That Provides Alerts and Reports

With Veezo, you can see the results of the SIEM and any actions taken against threats from a dashboard on your computer. Of course, you aren’t just limited to viewing this information from a computer. You can view your logs from almost any internet connection. Since Veezo provides you with IT security around the clock — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year — your system is always protected from outside threats and attacks. 

Your IT team can’t provide you with the same coverage and positive results no matter how good they are. When an incident does occur, this cloud platform allows you to replay the event before, during, and after the scenario happens, so that your IT security can learn more about the danger, and the steps taken by your virtual security officer to eliminate the threat. 

Your company can customize the alerts to meet your needs. This cloud IT security program offers a variety of functions, including:

  • schedule reports on general activity
  • risk assessment
  • alerts and recommendations to improve the security of your company’s policies 
  • recommendations to prevent users from abusing the system
  • define on-demand
  • create reports about security incidents.

All of these functions occur in the cloud. Veezo is always on the job of protecting your business’s information so you can sleep soundly at night.

Learn How the Detection Engine Works

Events are collected and uploaded to Veezo from a variety of locations. These bridged interfaces include:

  • Web traffic logs
  • DNS queries
  • Connection logs
  • IDP logs
  • Apps logs 
  • and more. 

Once the information uploads to the detection engine, the events undergo additional analysis, contextual and behavioral analysis, and reporting on the information. The engine uses collaborative information to begin scanning for and identifying threats so it can already your IT security team.

As soon as your virtual security officer identifies a threat, it sends an alert to your IT manager. Along with the alert, you receive the information from the analysis and recommendations for ways to shut down the attack and lower the chances of damage that can’t be undone. Your results arrive with comprehensive reports in your predefined format.

Veezo makes sense for your small to medium-sized business. This IT security program is always on duty and scanning for threats 24/7 so you can go home at the end of the day and know your security is in good hands. 

With so many events traveling through your network, it would be impossible for your IT security staff to review each event and catch an attack in realtime. The biggest advantage of Veezo is how timely it locates and notifies you of threats so your team can shut it down.

Of course, you might question the cost of cloud IT security. The cost is minimal when you compare it to the cost of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), who has an average salary of $200,000 plus the cost of the team that works under the CISO. In this case, peace of mind comes with a bargain price tag. Get started protecting your company today.