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Veezo is a cloud-based security officer that can keep a constant watch on your network in a way that would just be impossible for the human variety. Here’s some information about this virtual security officer and how it can keep your network safe.

Constant Vigilance

Veezo never has to go to sleep or take a coffee break like a person does. Instead, they are monitoring your network every second of every day of the year. This means that you don’t have to worry about what might happen when you’re asleep. Instead, you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered.

The system reacts much like your immune system, and your immune system is at work all the time. It reacts to threats based on the patterns that it’s seeing within your digital environment. This means that it’s passive until a threat emerges and then it leaps into action.

Surprising Economic Benefits

By noticing discrepancies in the system and moving to prevent damage before it occurs, you will be saving a considerable amount of money given how costly it can be to replace digital systems of all kinds. When you factor in potential loss of data with loss of proprietary secrets as well as potential financial repercussions from legal suits due to failing to protect data, the full potential savings just from these considerations can be sky-high.

On top of that, the human employee equivalents that would do what Veezo does, except not as well since they are only human, make around $200,000 a year on average. Plus, this doesn’t even take into account the entire team a CISO needs working under them, which can add up to a lot of money in a year.

Veezo costs much less than that and is solely for the purpose of protection. An entire team of people doesn’t have a prayer of seeing patterns like Veezo does, nor could they ever react as fast.

Get Your Time Back

Beyond the financial benefits of Veezo, there’s also the fact that this kind of IT security saves you a huge amount of time. The way it does this is partly by collecting logs as part of its Security Information and Event Management routine. This allows you to stay organized about what’s happening within your digital environment, keeping you from wasting time trying to find whatever you’re looking for.

On top of that, it also helps to stop potential threats live, as they happen. Other IT security programs can’t replicate what Veezo is capable of since this capability is so unique. Veezo will use the logs it makes itself to detect patterns and catch suspicious-looking traffic.

Small and medium-sized businesses are simply incapable of this kind of functionality on their own. Even trying to do anything even faintly comparable is going to stretch entire IT teams to their very limits. Veezo, on the other hand, can handle this all on its own, without much oversight needed on your part.

A Superior Detection Process

The way the detection works is that Veezo starts by logging any events that happen through its interfaces, uploading it all securely.  This includes every type of log you can imagine such as DNS, Web traffic, logs of apps, IDP, and so on.

Next, Veezo does behavioral and other types of analysis. Then, reports are prepared and potential attacks are identified. Once Veezo matches behavioral patterns to something suspicious, it automatically sends an alert to the IT manager. This alert has all of the analysis in it, but more importantly, it will recommend actions that the manager can take right now to help deflect the attack and lower its impact.

In many cases, this should reduce damage and keep any damage that does happen from being irreversible. This is also all customizable for your particular situation.

Watch It All Happen

There’s no need to take other people’s word for it, however. You can watch Veezo go to work live from the cloud dashboard. Here is where you can check out the alerts happening, as well as the analysis that leads to that conclusion, and what action Veezo is taking on its own. Veezo moves so quickly that you might struggle to keep up with it while it’s happening, but you can certainly watch.

Veezo also can show you the root causes of the problems it’s working on, and you can even replay the scenario at any time in order to make sure that you understand it. This means that you can replay parts of the scenario before it’s even finished. Alternatively, you can replay it after it’s all done to get a firsthand view of Veezo in action.

Plenty of Reports

You also get full customization over reports including scheduling them regularly so that you know about general activity, incidents that have occurred, assessment of risks, and recommendations on what you can do to keep users from performing illegal or banned activities.

It’s possible to customize all of it to make it work for your business in particular.

The Need for the Right Tool

The way the world is moving these days is directly towards automation. This means that interactions are happening overall networks everywhere, including yours, at a prodigious pace. It also means that of these thousands of interactions, few are monitored by individual people because it’s just too much for any one person.

The fact that the patterns are so complex is part of the reason for this. Even if one person or a team of people could read every potential incident that occurred, it would be hard for them to analyze and understand what series of incidents mean. Only a tool like Veezo, that can connect to the cloud can make sense from all the chaos and move to prevent issues instantaneously.

There’s also the fact that this tool doesn’t stress out resources too much or affects a company’s ability to use the Internet. The companies that have these kinds of tools will almost always do better than those that don’t since the tool eliminates the stress of constant threats.

Veezo can be the solution you have been searching for. The detection engine is always working so that you can enjoy more peace of mind. Thanks to its collaborative intelligence, you can learn about attacks and get solutions to take care of them so that they don’t continue to happen.

Learn more about who we are and how Veezo can work to protect your IT infrastructure by contacting us at InterHyve Sarl today.