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Veezo IT Security: Helping You Gain Visibility into Your System Security

All IT networks have vulnerabilities, which put them at the risk of cyber-attacks. No one seems to be immune to cyber-attacks since hackers target all organizations ranging from government agencies to small businesses. When attacks happen, your data will be at risk and your reputation on the line. In today’s dynamic digital environment, you need an IT security solution that helps you gain in-depth visibility into your system security. Veezo is one such solution.

With hackers using more complicated methods to target computer networks and system, you need a virtual security officer that can shut down all types of threats. Indeed, you do not want to be on the receiving end of a cyber-attack. So, here’s why you need Veezo if you’re looking to implement public and private cloud solutions.  

It’s the Ultimate SIEM System

As a virtual security officer, Veezo can detect all types of threats besides offering a real-time response to the threats. This fully-functional security information and event management (SIEM) system offers more than what other software platforms provide. If well-implemented, Veezo can effectively complement the work of your company’s IT security team.

Small and medium businesses lack the resources to monitor their networks to detect threats in real-time. Veezo works by stalking millions of data lines in your system to identify and isolate new threats before notifying your IT security team about the threat vector. The virtual security officer will then recommend suitable actions for remediating the situation. Consequently, your human network security team will know how to counter all types of cyber threats.

Collaborative Threat Detection

Regardless of how big or small your network is, it still experiences thousands of events daily. Often, the events that stream through your system relate to the business that you undertake. However, some of these events provide the perfect hideout for attackers. The monotony makes it easier to camouflage security breaches, thus putting your data at risk.

With Veezo, you don’t need to worry about how secure the events are. Veezo’s collaborative threat detection engine processes all events that stream through your network to flag possible threats. Hundreds of events can get analyzed at a go. Therefore, there will be minimal disruption to the network.

The engine has 100% autonomy from vendors and also doesn’t rely on typical UTM security capabilities. The results of the collaborative analysis can get deployed as a defense layer for all protected Veezo networks based on the behavioral review.

Self-Learning Cyber Security Solution

With more businesses migrating to the cloud, you should go the extra mile to protect your data. As you migrate your data to the cloud, threat vectors also move. The need to safeguard your data is even more urgent than ever. The Veezo system has intelligent cloud data detection capabilities. It securely collects and screens traffic logs, connection logs, apps logs, DNS queries, and all the other events that happen within your cloud environment.

These events get analyzed against Veezo’s all-new collaborative learning process. When possible threats in your data environment get identified, your IT manager will be alerted and instant recommendations sent to him/her according to the level of security that you requested.

If cybercriminals start a DOS or phishing attack, for instance, Veezo will limit the impact of the attacks by curbing their spread faster than human responders would. Although cyber-attacks can happen anytime, the time that you take to respond to an attack determines its impact on your network. As the ultimate virtual security officer, Veezo will prevent intruders from accessing sensitive data in your internal network or a CRM.

Real-Time Monitoring

One of the most exciting features of the Veezo virtual security system is that it offers real-time threat response. The real-time scanning can be a vital asset to your in-house security team. They don’t have to worry about taking time off to catch a beer or something of the sort because the system will cover their asses.

System security is guaranteed at all times because Veezo monitors all the data that comes in and leaves your cloud environment. The Veezo cloud-based detection engine works 24/7. This ensures constant monitoring and response, unlike other SIEM solutions that you’ll come across. The network security system comes with a cloud dashboard that shows alert levels and analyses in real-time.

Optimum Security at a Bargain

Given its impressive capabilities, you may think that securing this security as a service software costs an arm and a leg. The truth, however, is that Veezo can help you save operational costs. You get top-level IT security at a bargain, besides saving money that would have otherwise been spent hiring full-time IT security staff.

With this virtual IT security officer in place, you’re guaranteed better security services without the need to employ multiple IT technicians. Besides saving the cost of hiring IT staff, you also have to consider the cost of potential cyber-attacks that Veezo safeguards you from. Keeping all these factors in mind, you’ll realize that using this SaaS software is cheap in the long run.

Indeed, the initial outlay might look high, especially if you run a small company with a tight budget. However, when you consider the cost of hiring staff (who are prone to human error) to manage your IT security, you’re bound to realize that installing the Veezo software makes more sense.

How Does Veezo’s Detection Engine Work?

Thanks to the collaborative threat detection capability of the Veezo system, all events that pass through the software’s abridged interfaces get collected and uploaded for further analysis as well as behavioral and contextual analysis. After that, the cloud-based detection engine will analyze the events in search of any malicious activities.

Consequently, when a suspicious activity gets detected in the system, your in-house IT staff will be notified immediately. The notification is customizable and provides the results of Veezo’s analyses and recommendations for mitigating the attack. When attacks get detected early, the risk of irreparable damages will be less. After mitigating attacks, detailed results of the analysis will be presented with wide-range and predefined reporting.