VEEZO is an autonomous solution. It activates in a matter of minutes, and scrutinizes as well as analyzes end-to-end network communications for risks and threats. Your existing tools will easily synchronize with the Veezo Threat Analysis center, thereby empowering your organization with the most contemporary threat detection and protection technology there is today.



Why choose VEEZO?


Traditional security systems are inefficient and ineffective in mitigating modern-day cyber attacks, which are becoming increasingly veiled, vicious, and destructive. A single loophole is enough to destroy an organization and shatter its brand.

The growing need for advanced cyber security measures is palpable across industries. Further, organizations want to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals and proactively work towards foreseeing,
intercepting, and mitigating IT risks.

Modern security solutions and services need to be capable of empowering organizations to protect themselves from malevolent intentions. This becomes even more critical at the time of migrating
to new digital platforms or cloud-based and mobile systems, or whenever the organization is most vulnerable.

VEEZO enables your organization to protect itself with or without the presence of a CIO.


How VEEZO works?

In order to curtail the adverse effects of a cyber attack on your organization, it is crucial to minimize the time taken to respond to the attack upon its detection.

VEEZO enables quick interception and implements effective action, saving precious time. It also optimizes the overall security, which enables organizations to deal with existing and imminent threats.

  • The longer you take to remedy cyber attacks, the more hostile the consequences will be.

  • Save valuable time between detecting and combating an incident with VEEZO.

  • VEEZO analyzes, intercepts, and alerts IT officials the instant an incident is detected.

  • Organizational IT teams may extrapolate the remedies to their systems without worrying about the threat proliferating as VEEZO will intercept and eliminate the very source of the attack. 



VEEZO‘s Collaborative Analysis


VEEZO analyzes the movement of communication in real-time, without interfering with ongoing operations, and responds immediately upon uncovering a threat. This is instrumental in averting further malicious activity and behaviors.

CIOs and other IT personnel are alerted of the threat and informed of the implications as well as the counteroffensive actions that need to employed, depending on the severity of the attack.

Users can gain centralized visibility over their business units regardless of their number and location.

Every doubtful communication is relayed at the VEEZO Threat Analysis Center to discern its legitimacy. VEEZO employs revolutionary technology to analyze and respond to existing and/or looming cyber threats. Any communication classified as malicious is automatically intercepted and eliminated.

VEEZO smartly investigates the content and context of all inbound and outbound communication.