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Safeguard Your Digital Environment with Veezo IT Security

Cybercrime is here to stay, and any organization can be a target. The most effective way of preventing hackers from accessing your data is by installing a virtual security officer that identifies potential threats besides resolving security incidents in real-time. Veezo is a SIEM software with proven security information management and security event management capabilities. The software is designed to give you full visibility into your digital environment’s security.

Veezo is a full-featured and all-inclusive SIEM solution designed for both cloud and on-premises businesses. This intelligent SIEM solution monitors your network 24/7 to identify and prioritize threats, thanks to its threat detection, analysis, and response capabilities. With this software in place, critical events in your system will get the attention that they deserve. It does this by identifying and flagging suspicious activities and threat vectors.

How the Veezo Virtual IT Security Officer Works

Every day, thousands of events occur in your network. Some of these events are used by hackers to disguise attacks and exploits. Often, IT teams don’t pay attention to these events until it’s too late. With Veezo, all potential security events will get uploaded to the platform with minimal disruption to your Internet connection.

Once uploaded, the events will get analyzed against a collaborative threat intelligence engine in search of malicious activities. This happens with 100% vendor independency and without relying on conventional UTM detection and security capabilities.

The Veezo Advantage

Choosing Veezo as your virtual security officer has dozens of advantages, including:

Enhanced Visibility

With hackers getting better at what they do, you need better visibility into your organization’s digital environments and the threats therein. The Veezo IT security software comes with a cloud dashboard. The dashboard displays alert levels, as well as the analysis and actions taken in real-time. The cloud platform also undertakes root cause and contextual analyses to help you understand incidents better.

Veezo is meant to ease the work of your in-house IT team by defining on-demand and scheduled reports on security incidents, general activity, alerts, risk assessments, and recommendations. This is done to enhance security policies and prevent system users from misbehaving.

Advanced Threat Detection

The security of your digital environment depends on your ability to detect and respond to threats across your on-premises and cloud environments. However, attack strategies and methods continuously evolve. This underlines the need for an advanced threat detection software that helps you identify and mitigate emerging threats in real-time.

Veezo collects and uploads all events that pass through its connected interfaces. This includes connection logs, apps logs, IDP logs, DNS queries, and web traffic logs. When a malicious activity or an attack gets detected in your system, your IT manager will be notified about it. The virtual IT security officer’s alerts provide the results of analyses as well as instant recommendations for mitigating the attacks.

The Collaborative IT Security Solution

Veezo combines multiple security capabilities, including threat detection, endpoint detection, SIEM event correlation, log management, and vulnerability assessment in a collaborative cloud-driven intelligence engine. Therefore, you’re guaranteed everything that you need to identify, analyze, and respond to threats via an all-in-one platform. The virtual security officer allows you to focus on cyber threats that matter the most. It enables you to:

  • Quickly assess threat vectors with automated alert ranking
  • Eliminate blind spots within the on premise and cloud environments
  • Respond rapidly to incidents before they escalate
  • Conduct thorough investigations and contextual analyses in the aftermath of security incidents
  • Make informed decisions, thanks to the recommendations that accompany each alert. This includes a description of the threats and how to respond effectively.

All-in-One Cloud-Based Security Monitoring

Veezo’s cloud-based detection engine is designed to accelerate and simplify threat detection and incident response for both your on-premises and cloud environments. This all-in-one SIEM software provides you with a comprehensive security solution across your private and public cloud infrastructure. Your system will be protected 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, thus optimizing your cybersecurity stance. Your IT team can take time off from work without worrying about the security of your network.

Saves You Time and Money

One fantastic feature of this security solution is its ability to detect and collect logs and also thwart threats live. Very few SIEM solutions that you’ll come across on the market have this capability. Veezo is designed to sift through thousands of lines of events and millions of events in a matter of minutes. You cannot achieve this if you rely on human IT staff alone since they are prone to lapses and human error. The collaborative capability of this software helps you to catch dishonest traffic without groping in the dark, something that attests to its effectiveness.

Cost savings is an issue of concern to all businesses, especially those whose cybersecurity budget is limited. The initial cost of purchasing the Veezo software may seem high, but in the long run, the solution helps you to cut operating costs. Both small and medium enterprises can afford this software solution. Once the solution is fully operational, you’ll sidestep the cost of hiring extra IT staff to man your system.

To put this into perspective, a CISO at an established organization earns an average of $200,000 a year. This is besides the cost of hiring auxiliary staff, who don’t come cheap. On the other hand, the cost of operationalizing Veezo is cheaper. Since Veezo does a better job than what on-premises IT staff would do, it negates the need to hire these staff in the first place. Therefore, you get better services at a bargain.

Final Words

There are dozens of reasons why both small and medium businesses trust Veezo’s virtual security officer. Besides its threat detection and response and network security capability, Veezo offers high-end endpoint security. This way, you get to continually monitor threats everywhere, from your cloud environment to endpoints.

Veezo is also a flexible SIEM solution since it’s suitable for both small and large enterprises. Since threat detection is based on behavioral analysis and user experience, you are guaranteed optimum protection against new and well-known threats.