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Network Veezo

Business networks are filled with events. Each day, thousands of these events pass through your business. But they’re not all good news. There’s a hacker attack every 39 seconds¹, and these attacks can run undetected — hidden behind routine event logs. We’re here to wrangle in the data and find credible threats with streamlined cybersecurity tools. Our SIEM solution acts as a 24/7 virtual security officer, capable of detecting threats, mitigating attack vectors, and improving your overall cybersecurity blueprint.

Our industry-leading event correlation engine can detect, isolate, and mitigate threats that violate internal rules and pass by standard detection tools. With real-time and historical reading capabilities, Veezo is your full-time digital IT security officer that works around-the-clock to analyze, report, and act on credible threats.

Excelling at Detection

In today’s cybersecurity ecosystem, your business can’t take any chances. Over 60% of small businesses² that are hit with a security breach fold in 6 months. And 65% of ALL attacks are aimed at small-to-medium-sized businesses³. Not only are security incidents prevalent for companies, but they’re also expensive. This year, companies will lose $2 trillion⁴ on cybersecurity.

But you don’t have to be part of the statistics. Veezo’s SIEM solution can help prevent those attacks from penetrating your records — which keeps your business and your customers safer and more secure.

Our 24/7 virtual security officer can:

  • Detect critical threats early
  • Monitor business networks for malicious events
  • Manage cybersecurity incidents
  • Perform historical and real-time security monitoring
  • Collect vital log information
  • Provide incident reports on malicious behaviors
  • Activate automated threat mitigation workflows
  • Improve your organization’s time-to-respond
  • Send alerts and notifications
  • and more!

The sheer number of events that pass through your event logs daily is staggering. Between false alarms and sneaky attack vectors, your security team may be accustomed to event notifications. Our SEIM software doesn’t miss a step. And, with millions of data points and a smart contextual engine, Veezo can disarm minor vulnerabilities before they become major breach incidents.

Simply connect your network logs to our Veezo cloud-first IT security officer, and watch those events get automatically logged and analyzed at scale — no more mundane event pour-through necessary.

Don’t let your IT team drown in repetitive detection labor; use Veezo to automate existing workflows.

A Machine With Never-ending Knowledge

Veezo comes with a variety of detection options (e.g., monitor, medium, strict, etc.) that help you glue internal needs to your security goals. But increasing the level-of-detection of SIEM only works if you have the engine to back it up.

Veezo’s SIEM event correlation engine is constantly improving upon itself. By intaking the results of millions of daily scans, Veezo’s engine is continuously increasing its security capabilities. As threat actors continue to find unique solutions and new areas-of-vulnerability, Veezo will be there to meet them with deep learning capabilities and industry-leading detection and analysis capabilities.

With Veezo, you’re part of a larger community, and a safer one.

Unreal Visibility With Baked-in Reporting Measures

Want to see what’s happening behind-the-scenes? Our Veezo dashboard displays all alerts and subsequent actions taken, keeping your critical staff in-the-loop on any potential security incidents. Plus, our contextual engine offers root cause and contextual analysis on all event incidents — that includes in-depth scenario replays that give you visibility before, during, and after the incident.

But it’s not enough to act on security incidents; you need to report on them. Veezo tackles the major reporting pain points by introducing on-demand, scheduled reporting across a wide variety of metrics and activities (i.e., security incidents, risk assessments, alerts, recommendations, etc.) And, we give you the power to tap into custom reporting to define unique workflows and business needs.

Without the right incident reporting and detection tools, your company may be hit with compliance-related fines and actions. Veezo helps keep your company compliant-ready with in-depth reporting.

Reporting shouldn’t be your biggest headache. It should save your company time and money.

Understanding Veezo’s 24/7 Virtual Security Officer

Picture the number of events happening within your bridged interfaces. There are incoming connections, IDP logs, web traffic logs, DNS queries, and many other event types brigading your logs. For the modern security team, it’s too much to handle.

Veezo’s SIEM solution removes the guesswork and introduces automated data aggregation and reporting that has tangible business value. Instead of manually pouring through these events, Veezo analyzes them automatically, detects threats, consolidates data, and puts solutions at the fingertips of your team.

In addition to basic threat analysis, Veezo analyzes user, and network behavior to get deep readings on potential threats. This makes Veezo the perfect companion to your entire cybersecurity team, and a core component of your security framework and overall incident response architecture.

Not only does Veezo find and analyze risks across a plethora of criteria, but it also sends real-time notifications to your IT staff that alerts them of the issues and gives them instantly actionable solutions to mitigate risks. The days of manual event management are over. Veezo is here to strip the complexities of incident and incident reporting from your business. Are you ready to evolve your IT department?

Find Value With Veezo Today

Our Security-as-a-Service solution brings the power of global security to your organization without the need for costly cybersecurity analysts and security officers. Instead, our SIEM solution can monitor all of your events to detect incidents. And, once it finds one, it immediately alerts critical staff to the problematic event node and gives them immediate, actionable strategies and solutions that can help them automatically correct them.

The number of events your business deals with is compounding. By 2020, there will be over 200 billion connected devices⁵. Are you ready to deal with that level of network activity? Do you have the tools to detect and mitigate threats across ALL of those devices and connections?

With Veezo, you do. Only 23% of companies have a cybersecurity incident response plan. Don’t be a part of the statistics. Evolve your security infrastructure today with Veezo.