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“Upon discovery of the cyberattack, we immediately assembled our Enterprise Outage Response Team to address the situation. We continue to work with third party security experts to resolve the issues.”

Pitney Bowes, a multinational shipping corporation released this statement along with an announcement that they had fallen prey to a ransomware attack. Often the costs and complexities of having an incident response team like Pitney Bowes’s Enterprise Outage Response Team make it too difficult for businesses to have a response like this. 

If you have a small or medium enterprise that does not have an incident response team, stories like the one above should give you a mild stomachache. Enterprise technology security is no laughing matter; if you are a business manager or owner who is looking for security resources, you can rest a little easier. 

Introducing Veezo IT Security by InterHyve

InterHyve offers managed IT services, consulting, and technical support to a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses. For many small businesses, the costs of a SIEM system (security incident and event monitoring) are the limit of their security resources. For other small business owners, they need to have real-time 24-hour security response but cannot afford it.

Do either of these sound like your business? 

Veezo is an automated virtual security officer. We provide it as an IT security system that provides real-time responses and alerts for further work. Veezo saves money for our customers and it provides real-time monitoring and automated event responses for your business IT. 

Save on Your IT Security Experts

Starting wages for each full-time security expert on your team will cost 120’000 CHF per year, according to Glassdoor. The price will go up from there as you hire more qualified experts and your team gains experience. An automated SIEM and event response system like Veezo will give you resources to have better IT security without hiring additional full-time team members. 

As your business grows and your security team does as well, Veezo will remain a virtual security officer on the team. It’s automatic processes, 24/7 availability, and swift data management will help your team provide better security. 

Not only does an automated SIEM and remediation software save personnel costs, but it can reduce the costs of a data breach to your business. A recent CNN article claims that data breaches cost small businesses 200’000 CHF on average, causing many businesses to go out of business. 

If a small business is able to respond quickly to an incident, they can reduce this cost. 

Reduce Time from Incident to Remediation

The amount of damage an attacker can do to a small business depends on the data breach. But, even the most innocuous breach can give the malicious party the power to damage your business given enough time. 

The longer an attack happens, the more likely the attacker will find a vector of entry into more valuable systems. And yet, according to WebProNews, 39% of SMEs have reported an increase in their response time to an incident. 

The Event Response Timeline

Small businesses need to build a system that provides resources to both reduce the number of security events and increase the speed of remediation after an event happens. A cyber AI system like Veezo provides resources to manage the entire event response timeline. 

Before the Event

  • Prevention – The old saying is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Researching your security needs, creating an event plan and security plan, and committing the resources necessary to build a comprehensive security system are all part of prevention.
  • Scan – A traditional security system includes network scanning to detect whether there are vulnerabilities in your software or hardware. Veezo is an event response software; you will need to do scanning with a different security system in order to ensure that you have done the best to prevent an attack. Scanning needs to be regular, if not in real-time and focus on identifying potential problem areas before a malicious actor could.
  • Monitoring – Since Veezo is an event monitoring system, this block can be provided by Veezo. You need to have a monitoring system in place that is watching the traffic on and through your servers and computers to identify areas where the traffic shows symptoms of an attack. This monitoring must be in place before the event takes place although its best value is providing you real-time notification of a security incident. 

After the Event

  • Analysis – Once the monitoring system has identified a security incident, analysis needs to look at the data and identify what type of attack has happened, what data was accessed, and any additional negative results that happened to your company’s IT. 
  • Alert – At this point, a security system needs to alert additional people as needed about the event and steps to remediate it. 
  • Remediation – With the right information and plan in place, your business will take steps to remediate the problems. 

The Veezo Way

In order to reduce the time and the costs of this process, Veezo combines the three steps surrounding the event (monitor, analysis, and alert) in one virtual security officer. Veezo monitors traffic, constantly analyzing the billions of bits with deep learning in order to identify areas where an event is occurring in real-time. Once identification has happened, Veezo’s system does further analysis to identify the vector and the systems affected. 

Finally, Veezo provides an alert to IT security team members or business managers who can read about the malicious traffic that was identified, the analysis Veezo performed and Veezo’s recommendations for remediation. 

Even if you have a full IT security team, using an automated SIEM system with artificial intelligent analysis and recommendations will provide round the clock response that will drastically cut down the time a security incident is able to continue. 

SIEM and So Much More

SIEM systems are necessary for any comprehensive security plan. Veezo is the best SIEM you can get because it does so much more than just monitoring. 

If you are going to reduce the time and provide instantaneous monitoring, analysis, and alerts, use Veezo as part of our security services. Don’t just monitor, employ a virtual security officer.