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An enterprise needs to be profitable to establish itself in business. Equally, a firm requires to protect its assets. It’s for that reason, data security has risen to become a priority for organizations—helping them meet compliance obligations and similarly safeguard their sensitive data.

For many enterprises, the need to implement robust information security measures while keeping the overall investment and operational costs within control can be a challenge. And here’s where Security as a Service (SaaS) comes in—conveniently offering firm’s access to reliable and scalable information security services at a fraction of the cost.

Let’s take a look at how SaaS works, and while at it, evaluate its array of benefits.

Why Should You Consider A Cloud-Based Virtual Security Monitor?

Cloud computing, SaaS applications, alongside increased use of IoT has precipitated the expansion of diverse workloads and systems across the digital architecture. And as such, culminating in the dissolution of the defined corporate IT Security parameters while also increasing the attack surface. Subsequently, these advancements expose many areas of your business to malicious breaches.

Amid the above concern, legacy security tools and practices might not be applicable for some of these hybrid or multi-cloud environments. Else, the traditional safeguards may be too slow or siloed to respond to the advanced attacks.

However, as much as you may find cloud-hosted security solutions adept at helping you with compliance and log-based analytics, some of these tools have a limited scope (besides, an over-reliance on rules and signatures). Subsequently, they may fail to expose novel threats and intricate insiders at the elementary stage.

But, why do business leaders today integrate a service-based security model such as Veezo to manage their Digital Network? Read on to find out.

Benefits of Adopting Veezo’s Cloud-based Security

  • This tool uploads your security protocols with minimum adverse outcomes on your internet connection. Due to that fact, the cloud-native security solution can afford your organization protection across workloads and services on hybrid or multi-cloud environments. Plus, in tandem with pivotal SaaS applications.
  • The cloud solution delivers unique, enterprise-wide safeguards with the ability to detect and respond significantly to a range of cloud-based attacks—from malicious insiders and opportunistic outsider threats to critical misconfigurations capable of exposing your business to future compromise.
  • It blends seamlessly with a variety of SaaS applications, supporting the processing of user interactions plus monitoring in real-time. Furthermore, this is regardless of where they originate from (inside the network or remote locations).
  • This ideal cloud-based security platform can break down silos, availing your business a cohesive view that emboldens your management team to embrace digital transformations.

Cloud-based SaaS Integration Capabilities

Veezo allows you to assign several preventive security modes (monitor, medium, strict, and more). In addition, an enterprise can deploy its entire collaborative analysis as a preventive layer, screening all protected networks. This approach acts as a deterrent against new threats and is guided by other user experiences alongside behavioral analysis.

Besides being substantially compatible with a large number of cloud providers and SaaS applications, Veezo’s technology conveniently integrates with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) dashboards plus SOC environments. Equally, it supports your IT security team in adopting the solution without altering existing business processes.

Visibility, Alerting, and Reporting

Veezo’s SaaS solution allows your IT team to view events remotely through a mobile app, enabling them to assess incidents. More so, it offers real-time push notifications along with one-click confirmation to help you with cyber AI-guided decision making.

Aside from that, the Veezo cloud platform affords your business the option to define on-demand, scheduled accounting reports for general activities, security incidents, risk appraisals, alerts, and recommendations. Correspondingly, the listed features help you improve your organization’s security policies and manage users.

How Does the Detection Engine Work?

First and foremost, the cloud-based security solution collects and secures all events traversing its bridged interfaces. These include; connection logs, IDP logs, Web traffic logs, Apps logs, DNS queries, among others for further scrutiny, contextual and behavioral evaluation and reporting.

Next, the cloud-hosted detection engine examines these events—making use of its collaborative AI capabilities to search for malicious activities. Once an attack is detected, the platform transmits an alert to your IT security management team. Subsequently, this prompt details both the analysis and may offer recommendations to curb potential attack and mitigate the risk of irreversible damages.

What Makes Veezo’s SaaS Solution So Great?

As a savvy business, you will enjoy the following conveniences after scaling to this Virtual Security Officer:

1.Reduced time to benefit

Unlike in the traditional setup, SaaS software is preinstalled and configured. Hence, you have the advantage of provisioning the application from the cloud—and after an instant, the app is ready for use. Besides saving you installation time, the solution can also reduce emergent concerns during software deployment.

2. Cost savings

Because SaaS resides in a shared environment, the infrastructural investment and software license costs are significantly lower compared with traditional models. This multitenant approach benefits small and medium businesses, allowing them to expand their ventures and access the cloud solution without having to pay the entire cost of the license.

What’s more, cloud-based SaaS solutions help you cut down maintenance costs since the SaaS provider can distribute the overheads amongst a significantly large customer base.

3. Scalability and integration

This Virtual Security Officer solution resides in a scalable cloud environment—with the capability of integrating with other SaaS offerings. What does this mean for your business? As a user, you don’t have to invest heavily on in-house servers or software. An enterprise only needs to commission such new SaaS offerings, plan and scale its server capacity and the Virtual Security Officer will avail the solution.

4. New releases (upgrades)

Accordingly, it’s the role of the SaaS provider to cater to the update of the solution and make it available to their customers. Associated upgrade costs are, therefore, significantly lower as compared to traditional models that in many cases compel you to buy an upgraded package, install it, and cover the cost of specialized services.

5. Ease of use and fool-proof concepts

SaaS solutions are user-designed and incorporate the best industry practices. Regardless of the size of your venture, a user can run a proof of concept test to assess the cloud-solutions functionality or preview a new release feature. Besides, the SaaS solution also grants you the benefit of having multiple instances with different versions, and yet, affords you smooth migration.

Are you looking to boost your IT data security with a solution that can offer your business 24/7 protection? With our cloud-based SaaS offering, you can detect and collect logs (SIEM’s) and halt threats live, without having to screen millions of logs to catch malicious traffic. Contact us to get started.