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Evolve With Future-ready Architecture

Threat actors are ramping the number of network attacks they perform year-over-year. Between 2005 and 2018, there were 8,854 recorded record breaches. And that doesn’t account for the untold number of attacks that flew under-the-radar. This bombardment of security threats can be overwhelming for the average business. Your network event log likely already has thousands of log incidents happening daily. So, how do you go through thousands of logs with a fine-tooth comb to find the possible offenders?

You need a solution that can keep pace with modern threats while having the punchiness to future-proof your security ecosystem. You need Veezo’s SIEM solution. Imagine having a 24/7 virtual security officer that could monitor all of those pesky event logs automatically. Not only would your business save an incredible amount of time and money, but you wouldn’t have to worry about a constant stream of benign events masking tangible threats.

After all, you’re focused on growing your business — not every network event that happens inside your walls.

Untold Visibility

Security pipelines can get cluttered. Routers, switches, firewalls, servers, apps, and all of the other event-generating “junk” can quickly overwhelm IT security. How can you claim to have security visibility if you have to manually filter through 5,000 logs per day? Can your IT staff accurately identify unusual activities, behavioral abnormalities, internal and external threats, breach attempts, and policy violations when they’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of events happening?

No. But we can. Veezo’s detection engine can filter through nearly unlimited numbers of log incidents instantly. And Veezo will provide you with those analysis results in an easy-to-digest manner. Let us be your magnifying glass. Veezo can act as a one-window solution to all of your security telemetry needs. How can you gain more visibility than that?

Broad Behavioral Analytics

What makes an attack an attack? After all, users access apps and documents every second. How do you know when user access turns into malicious activity? You track behavior. Veezo’s detection engine uses behavioral-based threat detection signals. So, when user B is suddenly accessing servers outside of their normal range of daily activity, Veezo is watching.

And, when external threat actors are trying to get a peek into your data files, Veezo knows. Our never-ending loop of security intelligence feeds lets Veezo keep a watchful eye over your organization using behavior — not basic pre-defined parameters. After all, threat actors are smart. You have to be smarter.

Baked-in Flexibility

Do you need to deploy Veezo on legacy systems? Or maybe you need Veezo to help you with your cloud servers? From in-house servers to cloud systems, hybrids, and beyond, Veezo has a place in your systems. Our infinitely flexible model gives you the ability to incorporate Veezo into almost any IT architecture.

And, we give you the option to rapidly add extra storage and processing layers for when you grow. That’s unlimited elasticity for growing brands. Your goal is to always be growing. We’re coming along for the ride.

Instantly Mitigate

Threats happen. And when they do, you need to be prepared. Veezo gives you the ability to instantly mitigate found risks across your log pipeline. Instead of simply popping up alerts for your staff and leaving your staff high-and-dry, Veezo provides mitigation opportunities for each threat vector. Your IT security team will receive notifications prompting them to take immediate action to contain risks.

Getting Smarter Over Time

Veezo’s sophisticated detection engine leverages machine learning to stay ahead of threats. With closed-loop feedback and a never-ending stream of incoming log and threat signals, Veezo gets indefinitely smarter over time. Every user behavior, detected threat, interesting signal, and unusual pattern is processed by the Veezo detection engine and put into action across your IT architecture. Veezo doesn’t only recognize and contain threats; it actively prepares for the next one. So, while threat actors are lurking on forums and creating new attack strategies, Veezo is listening.

Customized Reporting Features

SIEM tools should be flexible, comprehensive, and threat-ready for your internal cybersecurity requirements. But you also need the ability to drill-down deep and extract customized, regulatory-ready reports for 3rd party agencies. Veezo understands that compliance is front-of-mind for businesses in today’s regulatory ecosystem. That’s why Veezo has baked-in reporting features that let you aggregate data, extrapolate past alerts, and create customized reports that perfectly align to compliance requirements.

Don’t just get threat-ready, get regulatory-ready with Veezo.

Cloud-native Logs

We created Veezo with you in mind — no matter who you are. So, whether you’re still working on legacy systems or you have a cloud-first strategy, we can help. Veezo is a cloud-based service with the fluidity to integrate legacy systems. That means that you get the raw power and elasticity of cloud support no matter who you are. With thousands of log alerts happening daily, you need a monitoring solution that doesn’t slow down your workflows. And you need a SIEM solution that’s infinitely scalable and immediately useful for any situation.

Recognize the power of Veezo’s proprietary cloud architecture.

Are You Ready to Triage Incoming Threats?

Are you ready for an SIEM solution that will help you upgrade your overall security presence across your entire security pipeline? Veezo’s incredible cloud-based detection engine aggregates event logs from all of your network sources into one easy-to-digest window pane. Then, Veezo monitors each event for broad threat activities and granular, behavior-based activities using the incredible scale and power of machine learning.

Not only does Veezo monitor and detect, it instantly presents alerts to IT while giving them the option to mitigate and contain each threat. That’s automated threat detection that gives you the ability to dig deep and leverage hyper-specific threat strategies. After you contain the threat, feel free to leverage Veezo’s drill-deep reporting to create customized reports for all 3rd party regulatory bodies for compliance reasons.

That’s the power of Veezo. Are you interested in learning more about how Veezo’s intelligent, security-driven SIEM solution can help your business thrive in today’s cybersecurity ecosystem? Contact us. 

Get Comprehensive Visibility Into Your Security Pipeline

Every day, thousands of events pollute your network logs. From basic network connections to fast-acting security threats, you have to wade through a massive number of logs to find your security needle in the haystack. Which log incidents have a deeper meaning? Which connections are standard and which could be threat actors in disguise?

For most companies, finding those answers requires hiring multiple security officers to digest log information daily. But what if there was a better way? What if your organization could see every security incident coming from on-premise and in-cloud through a single microscope? That’s the power of Veezo. Our incredible detection engine scouts out in-network and out-of-network incidents and unmasks malicious threat actors.

Our engine is cloud-driven, and all incident logs are kept on cloud servers to prevent any log stress from weighing down your critical network infrastructure. After all, your security instruments should help your business grow — not stagger day-to-day workflows.

Imagine being able to detect security incidents, the second they happen. And imagine that you could do it without any data expertise, pesky maintenance, or specialized in-house hardware? Imagine a world with Veezo.

Fueled by Collaboration

You don’t have to find the threat actors alone. As levels of malware, phishing, and data breaches continue to rise, securing your business against the tsunami of digital threats is incredibly difficult. Every day, threat actors are inventing new methods of breaching businesses, and trying to stay on top of all of these emerging threat methodologies while still being proactive about day-to-day security incidents is impossible for companies who don’t have the resources or time to commit to cybersecurity.

With Veezo, you don’t have to know about that cutting-edge threat vector. Our machine-learning-driven system is fueled by global collaboration. So, when a threat actor tries that new network penetration strategy, Veezo will be ready. After all, why should you be forced to deal with millions of threats without a powerful support layer? We don’t replace in-house IT security team. But our virtual security officer certainly makes their lives easier.

Unparalleled Reporting

We believe that all good security instruments should have deep layers of reporting features. Between regulatory bodies and in-house risk, being able to dig deep into your security analytics is more important than ever. Veezo offers dynamic drill-down reporting that lets you visually navigate workflows and create custom reporting logs for compliance needs.

Our fully-auditable reports give you the analytic power you need to push forward, and our centralized, cloud-based systems make acquiring those reports a breeze. Trying to create dynamic, meaningful reports with a plethora of logs and alert spreadsheets isn’t always feasible. Veezo decomplexifies reporting by giving you the visualization tools you need to quickly navigate, compile, and organize critical data.

You should be worried about threats — not reporting. With Veezo, you can manage both with ease.

Introducing the Detection Engine

Our intelligent threat monitoring and detection engine surfaces important security incidents throughout your network log. With baked-in behavioral analysis capabilities, Veemo doesn’t just look for log incidents based on technical capabilities; it scouts out unusual behaviors inside and outside of your organization. From strange connections to unusual data transfers, Veemo helps you detect incidents based on intelligent reasoning. So, instead of simply popping up thousands of alerts daily, Veemo can detect critical incidents in high-volume, high-event logs without breaking a sweat. That means less stress on your systems and your workers.

But — while instantly popping up meaningful security alerts in front of your IT staff is extremely helpful — it doesn’t provide any context into the threat. What is your team supposed to do post-detection? That’s where Veemo shines. We reduce risk across your entire security lifecycle by giving you not only risk detection but risk context. What is the risk? Why is it important? And what are the next steps?

To make things even simpler, Veemo provides a list of automatic actions that IT can take to mitigate and contain detected threats. That’s user-to-end-point detection and risk mitigation that covers your entire network architecture. What’s not to love?

Easy-to-Solve Puzzle

We know that organizations have a mish-mash of systems making up their IT architecture. You have legacy systems, cloud tools, and hybrid servers to maintain. And trying to fit any new security systems into your existing IT layers seems… difficult, right?

It doesn’t have to be. Veezo is powered by proprietary cloud-based technology, and it has the flexibility and ease-of-use to fit anywhere into your tech pile. So, you don’t have to worry about the “will it fit?” question — because the answer is yes. Yes, it will.

Feeding the Compliance Meter

Let’s be honest — compliance and security don’t always go hand-in-hand. You need to make sure your systems are secured, always. But you also need to be able to present details of that security to 3rd parties. Not only does Veezo provide reporting capabilities that make keeping internal security records easier than ever. Veezo provides visualization tools that were constructed with 3rd party compliance officers in mind. We know that you need to “hand over the files” sometimes. And we make it easy for you to navigate, extract, and compile all of that rich security data into a hyper-presentable form.

After all, we believe that you should flex your security muscles every once-in-a-while. You don’t have anything to hide! You have one of the world’s smartest security detection engines on your side.

Life With Veezo

Security is hard. Threat actors are more aggressive than ever, and the cost of IT security rises every year. With Veezo’s SIEM system, you can immediately incorporate a virtual security officer in your robust IT team. With the ability to detect threats based on machine learning, behavioral analytics, and context, Veezo can identify threats and give you the tools to mitigate them instantly. Don’t waste time pouring through mountains of log and event spreadsheets. Realize future-ready security architecture that makes sense for you. Realize the power of Veezo.